Publish a Picture Book

...even if you have NO idea where to begin!

One day, a story idea popped into your head!

It was such an intriguing idea you dared to believe that maybe (just maybe) it could become a real-life picture book.

Since then, you’ve held on to the secret dream of publishing your story. You imagined children picking up your book and asking their parents to read it again and again.

You began writing and researching.

Then you started wondering which advice to follow.

Should you:

  • Learn as you go?
  • Hire an illustrator?
  • ​Google search for publishers?
  • Submit your first draft to as many places as possible?

None of that sounds right (because it isn’t).

In order to be published, you’ll need an open mind.

There’s a lot to learn before your book can be sold. It can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re not sure who to trust.

The good news is you CAN become a published picture book author! All you need is a story, the right guidance, and (here comes that phrase again) an open mind.

Let’s Imagine The Next Chapter Of Your Life

You’re proudly holding your published picture book a few months from now. Your name is on the cover. Adorable illustrations grace every page.

You get to read your book to groups of smiling children. Parents write to tell you how much they enjoy sharing your story with their little ones.

Your bank account has a long list of deposits. You’re already working on your second - or third - book. And you feel grateful to have met your coaches (that’s us 👋), who showed you the simple step-by-step process you followed to skip the guesswork and overwhelm.

Meet Your At Home Author Team

We’re Vicky, Brittany, & Chelsea - three teachers turned award-winning, bestselling authors (published by Disney, Scholastic, Penguin Random House, and Familius) who have taken everything we know about writing, publishing, and marketing a picture book and broken it down into small, actionable steps for you!

But what if . . .

All those mistakes you’re worried about making? We’ve been there, done that, and we’re thrilled that you get to benefit from our hard-earned knowledge.

What if I know nothing about being an author or the children’s book industry?

  • This course breaks down everything you need to know about becoming a published children’s book author into small, simple steps
  • You’ll learn tricks of the trade from three industry experts
  • No prior knowledge is required (or expected!) and you’ll find handy bonuses like the Glossary of Publishing Terms to help you along the way
  • ​You'll have a community of support via our exclusive Facebook group and monthly group coaching calls

What if I've tried publishing before and it didn't work for me?

Sadly, we’ve heard this from many students who came to us after being burned by other publishing programs. We’re not naming, shaming, or blaming, but it does make us upset when we see bright authors feeling discouraged - or worse, cheated.

🎯 What makes our course different? We’re all teachers!

🎯 We know you’ll understand information better - and faster - when you’re having fun and getting support.

🎯 Our goal is to teach you the steps that you can repeat on your own (with lifetime access to the course) for book after profitable book.

🎯 You don’t have to take our word for it - keep reading for success stories from published picture book authors who started with us.

I have a full-time job or I’m a busy parent. When can I find the time to do this?

Trust us, we understand the demands of career and parenthood. We started our first books while we were still in the classroom all day!

Keeping it real, there’s a fair amount of work that goes into writing and publishing your picture book.

⭐ You CAN do this.

⭐ We’ll show you how in small steps so it’s faster, easier, and much more effective than trying to learn on your own.

⭐ Your time is precious - so why waste it doing unnecessary work?


Profitable Picture Books: From Pen To Publication

THE step-by-step guide to become a published children’s book author - without the stress and overwhelm - and make money doing it.

What happens after I sign up for the course? How does it all work?

As soon as you sign up, you’ll have instant access - for life.

  • Profitable Picture Books: From Pen to Publication is completely self-paced.
  • No need to work on someone else’s calendar or deal with interrupted Zoom calls.
  • ​Set your own deadlines and access the content when you need to, for as long as you need to.

When you join the Profitable Picture Books Program...

You get everything you need to quickly get your picture book written, published, and profitable!

You’ll get instant access to:

1. Putting Pen To Paper

🔹Learn why some stories are read over and over, while others are set aside

🔹Discover how to make your writing process both painless AND repeatable (yes, you can have long-term success with book after book!)

2. Deciding On A Publishing Route

🔹Together we’ll explore the Pros and Cons of traditional and self-publishing

🔹You’ll decide which one is best for you and your book

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to avoid publishing scams

3. A Guide To Traditional Publishing

🔹Uncover the ins and outs of traditional publishing

🔹Find out what an agent does, if you need one, and how to get one

🔹See what the submission process looks like and how to stand out from the crowd of other books and authors

Even if you’re self-publishing, you’ll benefit from this industry knowledge

4. A Guide To Self Publishing

🔹Make self-publishing more successful and less lonely

🔹We’ll take you through all the work of self-publishing, step by (doable) step

🔹Learn how to sell your picture book before it’s even published 😮

🔹Get an insider view of Vicky Weber’s launch strategy that brought her 2,000 sales in the first 5 days of publication!

5. Marketing Made Simple

🔹Marketing starts BEFORE the book is published

🔹It’s the difference between a book that sells and one that doesn’t

🔹You’ll learn the secret sauce to successful marketing (cha-ching!)

🔹Find tried-and-true marketing strategies plus what NOT to do group coaching calls every month

so you can get real-time advice and community support!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course specific to picture books?

Yes! This course is specifically designed for anyone who wants to publish a children’s picture book. Unlike other courses, it is 100% tailored to the picture book market. Everything you need to know can be found inside.

Does this course guarantee I will be published?

This course is for budding authors who are serious about getting published. If you do the work, I see no reason why you can’t get your book in print. And if you still have questions after completing the course, you can post them in our exclusive Facebook community. We want you to get published too!

I know NOTHING about being an author or the children's book industry. Does that matter?

Nope! This course breaks down everything you need to know about becoming a published children’s book author into small, simple steps. No prior knowledge is required (or expected!) and you’ll find handy bonuses like the Glossary of Publishing Terms to help you along the way. You'll also have access to three industry experts via our exclusive Facebook groups so there is no shortage of support for you and your journey!

How is the Profitable Picture Book course unique?

Other courses show you only one way to get published. But there's more than one path to successful publication. We'll walk you through how to get it done YOUR way based on what your priorities are.

While other courses teach you either traditional OR self-publishing, we’ll teach you both. Understanding the industry as a whole will benefit you as a picture book author (no matter which route you end up pursuing).

One other important difference is that our course is designed to give you independence. We’re all teachers who love seeing our students succeed! Our goal is to TEACH you information that you can apply (book after book after book).

If you’re asking yourself…

“Why do I need this? I've seen others publish can't be THAT hard...”

Then let me tell you this:

  • Publishing a book is not hard. The tricky part is publishing one that’s done well. (...Did you know that the average author only sells 250 books? 😳)
  • Trying to "learn as you go" in the publishing industry is a common and expensive mistake. Vicky Weber wasted a lot of time and money before she developed the repeatable publishing process you’ll learn in this course. The one that earns her five figures with every book launch! (And she has 19 books now...🎉)
  • Aspiring authors are too often targeted by scammers.😢 (One of our students came to us after accidentally signing away the rights to books she hadn't even written yet...another student came after a company blackmailed her to keep her book in print!) We want you to succeed...and skip the scams.

Let’s Talk Dollars and Cents

When you enroll in Profitable Picture Books: From Pen To Publication, you get INSTANT lifetime access to all this value:


Putting Pen To Paper: Writing Your Picture Book...............(Value $1,000)

Deciding On A Publishing Route.............................................(Value $250)

A Guide to Traditional Publishing............................................(Value $250)

A Guide to Self-Publishing............................................/.........(Value $500)

A Bestselling Release Roadmap.............................................(Value $500)

Marketing Made Simple..........................................................(Value $500)

100 Bite-sized Videos and Tutorials........................................(Value $500)

BONUS Digital Workbook..........................................................(Value $25)

BONUS Templates for Success...............................................(Value $100)

BONUS Writing Community........................................................Priceless

BONUS Exclusive Interviews with Industry Experts...................Priceless

PLUS - Monthly Group Coaching Calls ..... ($6,000 Value)

Total Value over $9,625

Today's Price: 6 payments of $197

to get LIFETIME access to the content!

...or choose a one-time payment and SAVE $$$!

What our students say:

Courtney Modisette

"This course IS my author's journey. If you're searching for a course that will teach you, inspire you, encourage you, and challenge you... look no further because THIS IS IT."

"Browsing through various courses on children's book publication, I did my research and homework. I didn't want to invest in something that would give me the basic Google search answers or Pinterest how-to blog. This course is literally the road from THINKING about the book all the way through the final publication.”

Amanda Quirin

"I LOVE the step-by-step aspect of the course and the short but detailed videos that focus on all different aspects of the author process. The course is really well done, and definitely worth the time and money.

Profitable Picture Books: from Pen to Publication included way more information than I expected. It also included things I didn't even know I needed to know about! I can tell the authors have a lot of experience and knowledge they've used to create it."

Courtney Vowell Woodward

"I purchased the self-paced course and had weekly one-on-one coaching with Vicky Weber throughout the 6 month writing to publication process. The guidance and amount of information I received was invaluable to the success of my first book!"

"As a career switcher and someone who aspired to be a children's book author but knew nothing about the process, At Home Author allowed me to dive into the author world with the greatest of ease."

Courtney sold over 500 copies in her first month of publication!

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